Because of my love for popcorn, I finally got myself to purchase a dedicated popcorn popper instead of just using a microwave or a pot all the time.  I decided on getting the Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper because of the great reviews.  The popper also functions just like a real movie theater popcorn popper works.  It has a spinning bar on the bottom that moves the popcorn when you crank the top.

I picked up my Whirley Pop Popper at my local Bed Bath and Beyond but they also sell it on Amazon.  I found it for only $19.99 which i thought was a steal.  The current price on amazon looks like it is around $24 dollars.  I also bought some of the Real Movie Theater popcorn packets that are made by the same company but that is a review for another time.

I used my Whirley Popper a couple times and I really love how almost every single popcorn kernel is popped.  I decided to choose this one over an air popper because popcorn is ment to be popped in oil.  Air poppers simply can’t make popcorn as well as one that uses oil.

The Whirley Pop Popper can make about 6 Quarts of popcorn in one batch which is plenty.  That is enough for 3-5 people.  The pot itself is very thin making heat transfer through it very fast.  I’ve read some reviews complaining about the material but I think its great.  If it was any thicker, it would take a very long time to pop your popcorn and you also run the risk of burning it.  Having such a thin pot allows me to pop a full batch in less then 3 minutes.  That is faster than popping with microwave packets.

The stirring rod is made from wood so that it is cool to touch when mixing the popcorn.  It is important to constantly mix the popcorn to prevent burning.  This will move the popcorn around and to the top and allow the unpopped kernels to settle to the bottom.  This allows for even popping because the kernels will be getting the heat instead of your popped corn.

The only issue I’ve heard about it is that the connecting joint that connects the stirrer and the wooden handle is made of plastic and it could malfunction.  It doesn’t seem like a big issue because they offer 25 year warranty on the part which is great!

Overall, I love the product so far and it was well worth my money.  I’m glad that the first dedicated popcorn popper I purchased was a Whirley pop.

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