Because of my love for popcorn, I finally got myself to purchase a dedicated popcorn popper instead of just using a microwave or a pot all the time.  I decided on getting the Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper because of the great reviews.  The popper also functions just like a real movie theater popcorn popper works.  It has a spinning bar on the bottom that moves the popcorn when you crank the top.

I picked up my Whirley Pop Popper at my local Bed Bath and Beyond but they also sell it on Amazon.  I found it for only $19.99 which i thought was a steal.  The current price on amazon looks like it is around $24 dollars.  I also bought some of the Real Movie Theater popcorn packets that are made by the same company but that is a review for another time. Read more about Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper Review »

Ever since I was a child, I loved going to a local theater and get a large bag of popcorn and a large coke.  Without the popcorn and coke a movie doesn’t quite feel right.  Over the years, I have really grown to love popcorn and the various different kinds.  I love regular movie theater popcorn, kettle corn, cheese pop corn, pirate booty, smart corn, and many many more different kinds.

So why did I decide to blog about popcorn?  I want everyone to know about the discoveries and recipes that I have developed for popcorn over the years.  For the longest time I always popped popcorn myself at home in a pop with some oil but I learned that there are millions of different ways to cook popcorn and season it.  Some love to eat it with just a pinch of salt, while others love to eat it sweet drizzled in chocolate.  Whatever your tastes are, you will be able to find a recipe you will love for popcorn.  I will start with the basics like popping popcorn in a pot, to more specific popcorn poppers.

Popcorn isn’t just for movie time.  Popcorn is a great low calorie snack (assuming you don’t pile it on with butter and/or cheese).  It is high in fiber and is something that is great for you.  Dump all of those snacks full of preservatives and artificial gunk in it and eat something all natural.  I will even teach you how to get away from all that microwave junk for good.  Once you eat the recipes that I have you will NEVER go back to eating regular microwave popcorn.